Hold Processing Releasing Order Holds

Holds can be released from an order using several different programs in the system which include

      Sales Order Management

      Holds for Sales Order Lookup

      Sales Order Hold Management

      Sales Order Release Processing

      Order Review Panel

Some of the above programs such as Sales Order Management  are used by sales or customer service operators to do limited hold release processing, and other programs such as the Sales Order Hold Management program are primarily used by credit or sales managers to manage and release holds.

Releasing Holds using Sales Order Management and Order Lookup programs

The Sales Order Management program and other order lookups allow operators to view the open holds on each order, and to release holds (depending on the operators release rights).

Releasing Holds using  Sales Order Hold Management

The Sales Order Hold Management

Releasing Orders Using Hold Release Management

The Hold Release Management program is an SQL Query based program that allows you to display the open holds in the system using standard sql query logic.  The program also allows you to clear selected holds.  It is suitable for situations where you wish to have specific holds displayed, or when you want to use multiple different queries to select the holds to be processed.

As each hold is released the hold character is removed from the hold string.  A second string is stored in the order header that contains ALL holds that the order was ever on.


Display Filtering

Clearing a hold