Display Filtering

The operator can restrict the number of hold records on their screen multiple ways;

User Holds Only - With USER key the operator can restrict the display to only those orders assigned to them or another operator.  Pressing the key displays a list of the operators, allowing the user to select an operator.  The USER key is also used to remove this filter.  When all hold records are being displayed the ID at the top of the screen displays the message ***.

Last Holds Only - With the USER2 key the operator can select to filter the hold records displayed to ONLY those records that have NO holds other than those entered to filter on.

For example the operator may want to see only those orders that have a hold they are responsible for and not other holds.   This allows the operator to only view those orders ready to go except for the hold(s) the operator is responsible for.

Allocated Only - Using the pull down menu the operator can restrict the display to only those orders that have at least one line allocated to them (i.e. ready to ship).  If the system is switched to this mode a check mark appears in the upper right hand corner of the screen next to the “allocated only” label.

Defer Holds - The user may flags holds as “deferred” to remove them from the display until a later date.  When the user selects to “defer” the hold the system prompts the user to enter the number of days the hold should be deferred.  This number of days is then added to the current date and written to the “defer till” field in the hold record.

During processing the browse will suppress the display of hold record with a “defer till” date greater than the current date.  When the current date is equal to the “defer till” date the system clears the “defer till” field and the hold record is displayed.  This display suppression can be toggled on and off using the pull down menu.  The defer suppression mode can be defaulted using the system parameter F248:063S01DO.

Viewed Flag

The “viewed flag” in the order hold record it set whenever the hold record is viewed using the Expand, Zoom or Enter keys.  This allows the operator to visually verify that they have looked at specific hold records.