Column Help – View File/Field Level Help

The StreamV File/Field Level Help System provides extended descriptive information about the specific Files and Fields that are maintained in the Stream Database.  File/Field Level help describes how each file and each field in each file are used by the system.  The File/Field help also lists any specific requirements for the file or field and other relevant information.  This information can be displayed quickly and easily from inside the application.  Customer specific or “House Help” information (such as specifically how each field is used by your company), can also be maintained in the system.   Field level help is supported in the VDF applications and in some Console Mode programs.  Field level help can be accessed in list based or lookup programs by using the ALT+F1 keys or the “Column Help” option that is available using the right mouse menu.  This option will display the field help for the field or column currently highlighted in the list.  Additional information about the Main File being displayed by the Program can be accessed using the File Info button that is displayed in the Help Object.  You may also access information about the other fields in the selected file using the Field List Button that is displayed in the Help Object.


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