Company Item Comment Lookup

The Company Item Comment Lookup allows you to view and edit existing Company Item Comments.  The Company Item Comment Lookup also allows you to create new Company Item Comments.

Company Item Comments are comments or text records that can be associated with a specific customer and item combination.  Company Item comments allow you to store and optionally print text information that is relevant when a specific item is ordered by or sold to a specific customer.  Company Item Comments are typically used to store special packaging, labeling or shipping requirements for the customer and item combination.

Once a Company Item Comment has been set up for a specific customer and item, the text information from the comment is available during the sales order entry process.  The Order Entry Item Panel displays any company item comments for the customer and item being processed automatically in the Company Item Comment panel in the Item/PO Tab Page of the program.

Company Item Comments are normally also output by the system on documents which include the customer and item that the comment is created for, but the print behavior can be adjusted using the Comment Limit String.  This option is described in the documentation for the Company Item Comment Detail panel which is presented in a following section of this document.


Zoom - Company Item Comment Detail Panel

Insert - Add New Company Item Comment