Company Item Comments

The Company Item Comments option is used to view and maintain the Company Item Comments for the selected customer.  Company Item comments are notes that are automatically displayed in order entry and added to a new order line when a specific customer and item combination is selected.  The notes are used to convey specific information that needs to be available from the order lookups, and printed on the order forms when the customer item combination is being processed.

When a valid customer is selected in Customer Management and the Company Item Comments option is selected, the system activates the Company Item Comment Lookup and it loads the lookup with any existing Company Comments for the selected customer.

Once the Lookup is displayed, you may use it to edit existing records (using the Zoom option, or create new records (using the Insert option).

To access more information about the Company Item Comment Lookup, you may activate the program and use the Help Key (F1) to display the primary Help documentation for the program.


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