Completing or Invoicing a Return To Vendor Order

This procedure records the shipment of the goods back to the vendor.  A special no charge invoice document is created for the RTV customer which also records the vendor name in the ShipTo section of the invoice.  Pending records with a type of V (vendor return) are also created by the system, and these Pending records are used to track the items, quantities and costs of the items sent back to the vendor that still belong to you.

To complete an RTV Order, you should

      Select the Order Completion (Order Invoicing) program from the Order Fulfillment Operations Menu.

      Scan or input the order and ticket number of the RTV Order to be completed.  You may scan the pick or you may enter the order plus a dash - and the ticket number into the Order# window in the program.

      Verify the shipping method and terms to be used for the invoice (the shipping method can also be changed if necessary).

      Confirm or edit the quantity being invoiced for each line item based on the actual quantity picked and being shipped out.  The expand key can be used to adjust the quantity being shipped out on each line.

      Input the serial numbers for any serialized inventory items being processed.  The number of serial numbers selected for each item should match the quantity being shipped out for the item.

      Save the invoice. creates a shipper type invoice (no charge invoice), it writes inventory transaction records to record the shipment, and it creates Pending records to track the items that were shipped out.  The items shipped out remain the property of your company until the returned items are disposed of in the RTV Management program.

      Manifest the shipment.  If the shipping method for the RTV Order is automated, the system will activate a program that is used to record the shipping information for the order.  The Manifesting program will also produce shipping labels for the shipment.

      Send the items.  Once the shipment has been completed and manifested, the items are physically sent back to the vendor company.


RTV Monthly or End of Period Procedures