Printing the Picklist for a Return To Vendor Order

Once an RTV Order has been input, and inventory has been allocated to it, and any holds on the order have been released, a Picklist can be generated in order to pick and ship the goods back to the vendor.

To print an RTV Order, you should

      Select the Picklist Management program from the Order Fulfillment Operations Menu.

      Set the location in the Picklist Management program to the location from which the items are to be shipped out.

      Set the Order Type in the Picklist Management program to Loaners (this is the type of order that is used for RTV Processing).

      Once the RTV Order to be shipped out is displayed in the program, you may highlight the order and use the Print Selected Picklist button to output the picklist for the order.  Once the Picklist for the order is printed, the goods to be shipped out can be picked.  Any discrepancies between the amount picked and the amount that should have been picked (according to the pick document) should be noted on the picklist itself.


Completing or Invoicing a Return To Vendor Order