Correcting ASN Processing Errors

This section lists the procedures that are used to fix Advanced Shipment Notification (ASN) processing errors that result from version control issues, from bad import data, or from user errors.

Recovery procedures for two different ASN Processing errors are described in this section.

ASN Nonstock Fix How to recover when nonstock ASN transactions are posted during the import process,  but are not posted when the items are received into inventory.  This error was caused by version control issues (mismatch between asn import and asn receiving code).

Fixing Status S ASN AP Invoices How to recover from a situation where ASN data is imported into the system and should be posted to the GL, but cannot be due to processing receipts against the ASN transactions prior to running the Process Submitted Invoices program.

Both of these error situations and how to recover from them are described in the following sections.


ASN Nonstock fix

Fixing status S ASN AP invoices