The beginning check number in the series is entered incorrectly

1.  In this case the checks have been printed for the proper amounts and on the correct forms.  The problem is that the check number in the computer does not match the check number on the check.  The operator should set the workstation to print to a printer loaded with plain paper and print an AP check register.  The check register will list the check numbers as assigned by the system.  Compare the check numbers listed on the report to the number that is pre-printed upon each check.  Mark each incorrect check number on the report and write the correct check number next to it.

2.  Select the Void an AP Check program from the AP Utilities Menu.  Select each incorrect check number and use the Remove option to remove the check from the system (at this point the system will reverse the cash disbursements entry created when the check was printed, reopen the invoice amounts that were paid with the check and remove the check record from the Bank file).  The Void an AP Check program will also print a report which will list the actions performed by the system and any errors that were encountered while the check was being removed from the system.  If the report indicates an out balance condition (GL discrepancy) the discrepancy should be investigated and corrected before continuing.  Retain the report, and repeat the procedure for each incorrect check number.

3.  Once all of the incorrect check numbers have been removed from the system, the operator should reprint the Open Accounts Payable Report selecting the same pay dates that were used on the original check run.  The invoices and amounts shown on the report should match the invoices and amounts that were paid on the original check run.  If there are any differences between the original report and the new report, (extra invoices) these invoice pay dates must be changed to defer payment.  Once the Open AP report matches the report that was run before the original check run, the operator may proceed to the next step. 

4.  Set the Workstation to print to a local printer and make sure that plain paper is loaded in the local printer.  Select the Print AP Checks program from the menu, accept or select the division and cash accounts shown on the selection screen and input the correct beginning check number (this should be written next to the first check number on the check register that was run in step 1).   Rerun the checks, assigning the actual check number used.  The system will now reflect the correct check numbers (it will agree with what is on the physical check copy).


Correcting ASN Processing Errors