Error Recovery

This section lists some of the most common errors that can be encountered during accounts payable processing and how to recover from them.  The procedure to be followed depends on the error that is encountered.


The invoice is entered using the wrong vendor record from the Vendor file.

Invoice Amount is entered incorrectly.

Invoice is posted to wrong GL period.

Invoice is created but journal entry is not posted to GL.

Invoice and payment are entered using wrong vendor.

Invoice was prepaid but check information was not input during invoice entry.

Invoice and payment are entered using the wrong GL period.

Wrong check number or cash account is used during payment processing.

Operator forgets to print to correct printer or checks are printed on plain paper instead of check stock.

Checks are printed on appropriate printer, but some checks are not legible (forms go off line in middle of print job).

The beginning check number in the series is entered incorrectly

Correcting ASN Processing Errors