Create Bins Button

The Create Bins Button allows you to create Bin or Warehouse Detail records for the on hand inventory items in a specific warehouse location.  The Create Bins option is typically used during sytem startup to initialize the bin system and prepare the system for inventory transaction processing. 

The Inventory On Hand Quantity and the Bin Quantity for each item in each inventory location should be in synch prior to starting up Inventory Transaction processing.  The Create Bins utility allows you to create a bin record for each item with a current on hand quantity and it loads the bin with the on hand quantity from the inventory record.

When the Create Bins Button is selected, the system prompts you to "Enter Bin to use if no default bin in Inventory record”. 

      If the inventory items in the location you are creating bins for have a Default Bin loaded in the inventory record for the item, the default bin will be used by the Create Bins Routine.

      If the inventory items in the location you are creating bins for do not have a Default Bin specified in them, the system will use the value that is entered in the prompt. 

Once the Bin to be used has been entered, the system prompts you for the warehouse location that Bins should be created for.   Once you  have selected a valid warehouse location, the system checks all items in the location which have an on hand quantity (greater than 0) and which are stocking items (Inventry STK flag is not set to N).  For each valid item, the system then tests to see if a bin exists for the item in the location being processed.  If a bin already exists for the item, the item is skipped and a warning message is displayed.  If no bin record is found for the item in the location, the system creates a bin record for the item and it creates a Warrehouse Transaction record to document the beginning balance in the new bin.


Warehouse Management Procedures