Normalize data from catalog to inventory Button

The Normalize data from catalog to inventory Button calls a routine that synchronizes or “normalizes” the information that is contained in the Inventory or Warehouse records for each Catalog item.  The routine uses a Textdata record to determine which fields in each Inventory item should be synchronized with the Catalog record for the item, and it copies any required updates or changes from the Catalog record to the Inventory record.  This option is useful if you are loading the Catalog file (i.e. a new field or updating an older field) and you wish to move the effects of the change to the Inventory records for the items.

When you select this option, the Button label changes to “Running” and the program makes the required updates to your Inventory records.  It then displays a “Done with normalization” prompt to notify you that the job has completed.

Catalog and Inventory Normalization is discussed in detail in the documentation for the Product Management System.


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