Inventory Maintenance

The Inventory Maintenance program contains Utility and Maintenance options that are used to import, update and process Inventory Information.  The Inventory Maintenance program is used during system startup to prepare for inventory transaction processing on a new system, and it can also be used for synchronize or normalize Catalog and Inventory information.  The Inventory Maintenance program is designed so that additional features or Buttons can be added to it and used without menu updates. 

The Inventory Maintenance program allows you to perform the following tasks.

Create Inventory records The Create Inventory records for all active Catalog items button allows you to create inventory or warehouse records in a new or existing warehouse for all of the active items in your Product Catalog File.  If you are creating items in an existing location, any existing items will be skipped (the information for the items will not be overwritten).

Normalize Catalog Information Normalization is the term used for synchronizing the information that is maintained in the Catalog file with the Inventory or Warehouse records for each Catalog Item.  The Normalize data from catalog to inventory option allows you to copy any fields that are identified as being maintained in the Catalog record to the corresponding field in all inventory records for the catalog item.  Inventory Normalization logic is discussed in detail in an earlier section of this document.

Create Bins The Create Bins option creates Bin or Warehouse Detail records for the stocking items with an on hand quantity in the selected inventory location.  The Create Bins option checks all items in the specified location and it creates a Bin record for any stocking item which has an on hand quantity, and that does not already have a bin record in the location being processed.  The Bin for each item is created using the Default Bin for the item (if one is specified in the Inventory record) or using the Bin entered by the operator (if a bin is not specified in the Inventory record).  Each bin is created with a Bin quantity equal to the on hand quantity for the item and a Warehouse Transaction record is also created to document the Beginning Balance for each bin.


Create inventory records for all active catalog items Button

Normalize data from catalog to inventory Button

Create Bins Button