Create New BOM Using this one as Template

The “Create New BOM using this one as Template” is an option that can be accessed from the More Menu in the Bill of Materials Management program.  This option allows you to copy the component information for the currently selected BOM and use it to create a Bill of Materials for a different top level item.  When you select the option from the More Menu, the system displays the Catalog Lookup program to prompt you for the new top level item that the BOM should be created for.  Once you have selected the new top level item, the system copies the component information (component items and quantities) from the selected Bill of Materials and it creates a new Bill of Materials for the top level item.  As the new BOM is created, the system assigns the next available unique BOM Number to the record and it assigns the next available BOM revision for the new top level item (this will be one if there are no existing BOMs for the item and it will be the next available revision if BOMs do exist for the item.

Once the new BOM has been created, you may modify the component items and quantities as required for the new Bill of Materials and you may add any comments or text notes that are required for the new Bill of Materials.


Create a New Revision of the current BOM