Creating Account Period records

A general ledger account cannot be posted to unless account period records exist for the account in the division, department, year and period in which you wish to post.  Account Period records are normally set up for new accounts as they are created, and then utility programs are used to create the accpers in bulk as required (at yearend when creating records for the next accounting year, when setting up new departments or divisions, etc).  Account Period records can be created in the following ways.

      As you create a new account description record and press the SAVE key in the Account Setup View, the system will prompt you to create account period records for the new account in the current year.  The program will continue to prompt the operator to create account period records until the cancel button is pressed.  This allows the operator to create records in more than one department or division if required when setting up the new account.

      You may select an existing account in the Account Setup program and select the Create Period records button.  This option allows you to create accpers for a specific account after the account has been setup and to specify the division and department in which account period records will be created   This feature is useful when setting up a new department or when you are missing only a small number of account period records for a specific account number or range of account numbers.

      Account Period records can be created in bulk for the current or future years using one of the programs available on the General Ledger Utilities menu.

The first of the above creation methods was discussed in the Creating a new General Ledger Account section of this document.  The other two creation methods are described below.


Creating Account Period records for a specific account

Creating Account Period records in bulk