Creating a New Return To Vendor ShipTo record

If a ShipTo is not present on the Return to Vendor Customer for the vendor that you are returning merchandise to,  you may create the record using the following procedure.

      Select the Return to Vendor customer in the Order Entry, Customer Manager, or Customer Detail program.  All of these programs allow you to access, edit and create ShipTo records for the selected customer.

      Select the ShipTo records for the Return to Vendor customer.

      Press the Insert Key to add a new ShipTo address.  At this point, the ShipTo Detail panel is displayed, and the Account Number in the new record should be set to COVE-RTV.

      Enter the name of the vendor company.  This name must exactly match the name of the Vendor in the Vendor Master file (the RTV system uses the ShipTo name to point to the vendor).  You can use the cut and paste options in the Vendor Manager program and the ShipTo detail panel to copy the name from one record to the next.

      Enter the address to which the returned merchandise should be sent.

      Save the new ShipTo record.


Creating a Return To Vendor Order