Creating a Return To Vendor Order

This section describes how a new Return to Vendor Order can be entered into the system.

      Select the Sales Order Entry program

      Select the Return to Vendor customer record.  This record should have an account number equal to COVE-RTV.  The Order type should default to L when this customer is selected.

      Set the default Inventory Location in the Order Entry program to the location from which the goods are being shipped.  The inventory location can be a main operating location, or it can be a quarantine or returns location.

      Select the ShipTo record for the vendor to which the items are being sent (you may also create this record during Order Entry if it does not already exist).  Set the shipping method and shipping terms on the order as appropriate for the shipment being sent out.

      Enter the Vendor RA number issued by the Vendor into the PO number field in the sales order.  This information is carried thru the RTV order and the invoice document that is used to process the shipment, and it is also saved in the Pending records that are created by the RTV system.

      Enter one sales order line item for each item being shipped back to the vendor.  The quantity of each line can be 1 or more than one.  Both serialized and non-serialized items are supported.

      Set the price in each sales order line to the amount of the credit to be received from the vendor for each item (if this is known).  The amount to be received from the vendor for each item can also be specified after the items have been shipped and before the records are cleared.

      Save the Order.  As the RTV Order is saved, the system assigns a permanent order number, it adds any required holds to the order, and it tries to allocate inventory to the order.


Processing a Return To Vendor Order