Credit Card Processing - Order Editing

Once a credit card order has been saved for the first time, it should be authorized.  The system will block you from editing an authorized sales order, so you must either clear the authorization, or use a system override option (not recommended) in order to edit the order.

Clearing the Authorization

The open authorization for a sales order can be cleared using the Clear CC Authorization option that is available in the Sales Order Management program.  The Clear CC Authorization de-authorizes (voids) the prior authorization for the order and it adds a 9 hold to the order.

Editing the Order

Once the credit card authorization has been voided, the order can be edited.

 Re-authorizing the Order

As the edited order is saved, the system re-authorizes the order for the current amount of the order (in case, the line item total, shipping or tax amounts have changed).  The system will display a message when the order is authorized and the save process is complete.

If you are not in A&R mode - to edit an order that has been authorized, the user must first "de-authorize" the order.  This is done from the Order Management Screen More Menu.  De-authorizing the order places it on CC hold (Hold code = 1 or 9 depending on mode).

When an edited order is saved the system tries to authorize the credit card as described above for a new order.