Automated Credit Card Processing

Automated credit card processing during order entry operations can be handled three different ways based on the needs of the site, in order of automation they are:

Automated Processing (A&R -  In Enterprise Version Only)- When a credit card order is placed the operator enters the credit card information during order entry.  This information is used to get an authorization on the credit card, which is them immediately released.  The authorize and release is done to validate the credit card and credit availability.  Releasing the authorization allows for processing of multiple shipments, partial shipments, multi-locational shipments, accurate capture of shipping charges  and edits.  A CCTRAN record is created to record the authorization and release.  The code "AUTOAUTH" is stored in the Authorization field of the order header to indicate that the order is being processed with automatic authorization.

Based on policy settings the system will do an authorization or an additional Auth & Release when the picklist prints in situations where your customer's credit availability fluctuates and picking costs are high.


Credit Card Processing - Order Entry

Credit Card Processing - Order Editing

Credit Card Processing - De-authorize and Reauthorizing an Order

Credit Card Processing - Hold Release

Credit Card Processing - Picklist Printing

Credit Card Processing - Shipping/Invoicing

Credit Card Processing - Point of Sale

Credit Card Refund Processing - Point of Sale

Credit Card Refund Processing - Accounts Receivable

Credit Card Processing - Deposit Processing

Credit Card Processing -Voiding an Authorization