Customer and Contact Creation and Maintenance

Creating and maintaining Company (customer) and Contact records is one of the most primary and critical tasks that you perform with the CRM system.  The Company and Contact master data records are the heart of StreamV because the information in the records is used automatically by and updated from many of the other applications in the system (order processing, invoicing, and other applications).  The quality of the Company and Contact records in your system can directly affect customer service levels and the speed and accuracy of the transactions you process for your customers.  The CRM system allows you to set policies and implement controls to ensure this master data is accurate, complete and useful.

The CRM system allows Customer and Contact records to be created quickly and efficiently.  State of the art data default and security options allows trusted users (including order takers or sales reps) to create new companies and contacts in a manner that still allows other departments such as credit and finance to set and control company policy.  Default values for critical information such as payment terms and credit limit can be set to conservative values (such as COD CASH, $500.00) and these fields can be “locked down” while your credit department determines how the account should be handled.  Once an account is set up (which can happen while a customer is on the phone), the order taker can enter an order or a quote for the customer and this order can be shipped immediately or optionally routed to a credit hold screen to ensure a minimum review of the customer is performed by credit before any shipment is processed.  This flexibility allows various departments in the company to work together and to provide excellent customer service levels while still leaving final control of critical decisions in the hands of the appropriate personnel.  Required and optional field validation make sure that critical information is entered before a new record is saved, and multiple validation methods allow you to identify and optionally control the information that is entered into each field in each record.

Normally one Company record is created for each customer that you do business with.  Contact records are then created to track information about the individuals in each company you do business with.  An unlimited number of contacts can be created for each company and these contacts are available when the company record is viewed or edited.

You may view information about the company a contact is assigned to from the contact record.  Contact records can be created prior to creating a Company record and reassigned to the company at a later date.  This allows you to follow up leads on individuals prior to setting up a Company record that you may or may not ever use for processing.

Once a customer or contact record has been saved, additional or related information can instantly be added as required.  ShipTo addresses can be set up to track the various locations that you may be shipping product to, comments or notes can be automatically or manually added to master records to track or organize specific information in a text format, and orders, quotes and other transactions can immediately be processed for the company.


Customer Names and Account Numbers