Customer Names and Account Numbers

The Customer Master Record contains two unique identifying fields, sometimes referred to as primary keys.  These are the Account and the Company fields.  These fields are used to uniquely identify a company and to sequence (sort) output of data related to a specific company.

The StreamV and StreamII Systems use both unique account numbers and unique company names to provide the capability to search for and sort data in company name sequence on displays and reports.  If the company name were not unique, reports and lookups sorted by company name would have data from different companies intermingled.

The COMPANY field in the customer master record is actually the “display sequence and search by” field.

The COMPANY_NAME1 and COMPANY_NAME2 fields contain the actual name of the company that is printed on forms; invoice, Picklist, shipper etc…  Two fields are provided to support long company names like:

Frederick von Hammersteinner and Sons, Locomotive Engineers, Steamfitters and Boilermakers, Incorporated

The full company name can be split into the two fields provided, while the COMPANY field would contain the name used for looking up the account by name, something like:

Hammersteinner and Sons

Operational Issues:

When a new customer record is created the system checks if the COMPANY name already exists.  If so the system advises the operator and offers to make the COMPANY field unique by adding a counter to the end of the COMPANY field (starting from the right end of the field).  The operator may chose to manually make the COMPANY field unique.  The COMPANY field is defaulted into the COMPANY_NAME1 field and may be changed.

Technical Notes:

The ACCOUNT field may not be changed once the Customer Record has been created.

The COMPANY may be changed using the company name change process.

The COMPANY_NAME1/2 fields may be edited at any time.


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