Customer and Contact Status and History

As you select a customer or contact record in the CRM System, all relevant information for the selected record is made available to you.  This information includes.

      Contacts for the selected company and the company for the selected contact.  Lists and panels allow you to view summary or detailed information about each record.

      The data elements in the records themselves.  Each field in each contact or customer record can be identified as fully available, view only, or non-accessible for a particular user or group of users.  This allows you to make required information available to users while controlling data that is sensitive and needs to be restricted.  The information stored for each customer or contact is extensive and logically organized into panels in the Company and Contact Managers that are used for master data creation and maintenance.

      Text information or “comments” associated with the company and contact records.  Comments or extended notes can be easily created (automatically or manually) as the need arises and multiple notepads can be created for each master record.  These notepads can be restricted to specific users or groups of users as required to ensure limited access to sensitive or valuable information.

      Sales Order status and sales history information.  Browse or list based inquiry screens allow you to view sales order header and line item details.  All records or selected records for each customer can be displayed using multiple display sequences (order, date, PO number) and the fields that are displayed in each sort sequence can be customized by your system administrator.  Radio buttons allow you to filter records by status and type, and all inquiry programs allow you to drill down to display extensive information about each transaction record.

      Quote and Opportunity information.  Quotes and opportunity records for a given customer can be quickly accessed.  Quotes can be modified and converted to sales orders when potential business is converted into a live order.


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