Daily Start Up Procedure

The Daily Startup procedure is performed at the beginning of each day to ensure that any new invoices or other shipping documents (i.e. loaners) generated using the Order Fulfillment programs are created with the correct date, and are posted to the correct general ledger accounting period.  The invoices that are created by the Order Fulfillment system are created using the current system date, and they are posted to the general ledger using the current default accounting period for the operator who is running the program.  If either the system date or the accounting period displayed by the system are incorrect, you should determine the cause and correct the situation before creating any new invoices.

The System date is normally set by the VDF Jobber, or by the main application as users enter the system.  The Default Accounting Period and Year are normally set by the Accounting Department based on the actual date.

You can verify the accounting period and system date that is being used by StreamV for the current session by selecting the Help Menu in the Main StreamV Application, then selecting the About Option, and then selecting the System Information option from the About Prompt.  At this point, the system will display various information about the current session including the system date, the operator default accounting period and other information used by the application.

If the system date and or the accounting period are not showing the correct values, you should contact your system administrator to update the appropriate information.

Please note that the system date and accounting period used by the system for each session are determined when each user logs into the application.  If the system date and or accounting period are changed by the system administrator, you should exit and re-enter the application to ensure that you pick up the correct information.


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