Daily Startup Procedure

This procedure should be performed at the beginning of each day, before any returns processing takes place.  The Daily Startup procedure ensures that transactions are posted using the correct date, accounting year, and period, and that any errors from prior processing have been identified and isolated. 

1.  Confirm that the System Date is correctly set.   The system date determines the date used on the orders and invoices which are created during the day, and it is also written to the Entered_On date of all accounts receivable transactions which are written to the journal entry file.  The Entered_On date must be correctly set in order to ensure that the correct transactions are included on the reports which are used during the daily balancing process.  The system date is normally changed as part of the night time process but it can also be set manually as required.  Please see the System Administrators Guide for more information about options for setting the System Date.

2.  Confirm that the Accounting Period and Year are correctly set.  Transactions are posted using the period and year assigned to the operator processing the transactions. The system stores a default year and period which each operator picks up as they enter the system.  Some operators can also be granted the ability to change their period and  year.  It is very important that each operator uses the the correct accounting period and year, and that these variables are updated correctly at the proper time.  In most situations, the system year and period are controlled by the accounting department, and users do not have the ability to override the current year and period.  Please see the G/L Documentation for more information.


Issuing a New RA#/RA Creation