RA Daily Processing Procedures

This section describes the procedures to be followed on a daily basis when processing customer returns transactions using the Return Authorization system.

This document provides an overview of the most common returns procedures.   It lists the steps that must be performed  in order to complete the described tasks and it also identifies the programs that are used when performing them.  This section does not describe how to use each program in detail.  For a more detailed description of the procedures to be followed when using each of the individual RA programs, please refer to the Programs section of the Returns Authorization documentation.

This document assumes that the returns authorization system has already been properly installed and configured.  This document also assumes that the customer records, payment terms, general ledger accounts, and other information used by the RA programs have been properly set up in the appropriate files.  It is strongly recommended that the operator read the RA Overview section of this document to gain a better understanding of how the RA system works and how it integrates with the other modules in the system before performing any of the procedures listed in this section.


Daily Startup Procedure

Issuing a New RA#/RA Creation

Processing a Cross Shipment

Receiving an RA

Processing a Replacement Sales Order

Disposing of an RA