Data Change History

The Record Data Change History Option which is available from the More Menu, and the Data Change History Option (which is available from the Context or Right Mouse Menu, allow you to view the modifications that have been made to the selected record (Record Data Change History) or the selected field in the current record.  Data Change history is supported for most master records or records that are static and that are re-used by the system.

When the Data Change History Option is selected the system activates the Changes Viewer and it loads the Viewer with the records that have been recorded in the Changes file for the selected record (or field in the record).

Each record in the Changes file stores the unique ID of the record that was modified, the file and field numbers (and the names of the file and fields) that were modified, the old and updated contents of the field and the date time and operator who made the change to the record.

The Changes Viewer is used thruout the StreamV system and it is completely described in the Introduction section of this documentation.  You may obtain more information about the Changes Viewer program by activating it and using the Help key to display the main help documentation  for the program.