Data Import Methods

There are several different methods that can be used to import data into StreamV. 

      Dedicated Loaders:  There are some StreamV programs that are dedicated to importing a specific type of record.  One example is the XML Order Import program in the CRM system.  That program is used to create customer sales orders from a standard XML import file (a customer specific mapping routine is used to translate the file from the customer to the standard XML format).

      Generic Utilities:  Loading data from CSV, Tab, or Line delimited files

      Custom programs:  In some cases, Cove will write conversion programs that are designed to read in your data and create valid records in our database.  These programs are normally used for more complex systems or situations where the number of records to be processed make other methods (like csv file import) impractical.

      Beginning Balance Programs:  AP and AR Beginning balance loaders.  These programs create invoice records without posting them to gl, they load a converted balance field in beginning balance records and assign a specific type to the records so the system can handle them properly during audits and other processing.


Accounting Startup Overview