Default Value Loader

The Default Value Loader program allows you to quickly load a default value into multiple fields in the records that are contained in a specific database file.  The Program allows you to select a database file, and to specify what contents should be loaded into multiple specific fields in each record in the file.

The default value loader is used when you are loading data into a new system at startup and need to load fields that are required in StreamV, but that were not provided in the provided data, and the program can also be used when you are converting to StreamV from an earlier version of Stream and need to load newly required information in older records that do not contain the information already.

When the Default Value Loader is selected from the menu, it may be blank or it may display the values from the last time the program was used.  Once the program is displayed, you should select the file to be loaded using the Prompt object that is located to the right of the File Label.  This action will cause the system to display a list of the database files in the system, so you can select the file to work with from the list.

Once the file and fields to be loaded, and the default information that should be loaded into each field is specified, the system goes thru all of the records in the selected file and it loads the specified contents into each field as long as the field is not already loaded.  The program does not update the field unless the field is blank.


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