Depreciating In House Stock

The Depreciate Stock Option is available from the Inventory Management program.  Your ability to access and use the Depreciate Stock option is controlled by a system parameter F248:INVDEPST that can be set on a user, branch, group, or system level.

The Depreciate Stock option can be used to convert quantities of your in house inventory items to depreciated, or other versions of the same item number.  If the item number for the depreciated item type you have selected does not already exist for the item you are processing in the location you are processing, the system will create the item .

 Once the item to be processed and the depreciated item or “Return Type” have been selected, and any required serial numbers have been input, the system will record a CI (Change Item) transaction for the item, and it will convert the serial records for the item being processed from the original to the new item.   Serial History records are written to record the changes to the serialized inventory detail, Bin records are updated for the quantity changes and Warehouse transactions are also written to record the Bin movement.