Return to Depreciated Stock (RA)

The Return to Depreciated Stock option in RA Disposition allows you to return an item to stock as a depreciated or de-valued version of the item being processed.  The Return to Depreciated Stock option is available to any operator who may access the RA Line Disposition panel.

The RA Return to Depreciated Stock option is used to handle items that are sold to, then returned by customers in a worse condition than they were sent out.  The option can be used to handle items with damaged or open boxes, or cosmetic damage.  When this transaction is processed, the system first creates a Type OI (Order Invoice) Inventory Activity record, to record the credit being issued to the customer.   Once the Credit Memo transaction is completed, the system creates a Type “CI” Convert Item transaction to show the conversion of the item to the depreciated item number selected.  Any serial records for the Pending item are marked as returned to inventory, then they are also converted to the depreciated item number.  Serial History records are written to document the changes to the serialized inventory detail.  The RA associated with the transaction is recorded in the customer credit memo and in the Convert Item transaction.