Depreciating Stock

StreamV allows you to automatically convert inventory on hand quantities from a specific item number to another “version” of the item.  Items can be converted from the “normal” or salable version of an item to a “depreciated” version of the item.   Control records are used to define the item types that may be converted to, the cost relationship between the items, and the operators who may process this kind of transactions  The Depreciate Stock option will automatically create Catalog and Inventory records for the depreciated version of each item being processed as required (when they do not already exist). 

The Depreciate Stock option can be used to handle items damaged during transit to and from your customers, goods damaged in house, and items with damaged or open packaging.  Stock depreciation is supported from the Inventory Management, from the RA Disposition, and from the Pending Management programs.

RA System - The Depreciate stock option can be used to automatically write down goods received via the Return Authorization or RA system when the goods are not in salable condition and you wish to write them down as they are brought back into stock  (to handle items returned in open, or damaged boxes, and damaged items sent back from customers). 

Inventory Management - The Depreciate Stock option can be used to transfer quantities of your in house items from the “normal” sku or item number for the item to another type of sku (such as a damaged, open box, rebox, or repaired version ) for the item.  This can be used to correct your inventory for stock, or packaging that is damaged in house.

Pending Management – The Depreciate Stock option can be used to convert items that are Returned to Inventory from the Pending system to damaged, open box, or other versions of the item being returned.  This option can be usefull for customer demo or eval unit returns, rep samples, trade show samples, etc.


Depreciate Stock - Processing Overview

Depreciate Stock - Control Information