Differences between Rep and Customer side login:


Customer side loads complete menu system inside of site_menu.inc and login validation is performed when each page is called.


<% If oCustlogin.call("get_UserAccessFlag",cLoginRights,"AllowViewAccountStatus") <> "Y" then%>

        <% Response.Write("<center> <p class=H3Err>" & oCustlogin.call("get_TLCW","You may need to login, Page Security Message") & "</p></center>") %>


        <%  err=oAccount_status.call("get_Locate_Company_Record",cAcctNo)

            if err = 0 then

            Response.Write("<center> <p class=H3Err >" & oCustlogin.call("get_TLCW","*** Company Record Not Found. [Account#: ") & recid & "] ***</p></center>")

           end if %>


Under rep side the menu is only displayed after a successful login and no further checking of login status is performed after that point. To prevent users from accessing the system by calling historical links in the browser we set the “Session.Timeout=90” (90 minutes) in global.asa.


ASP to WBO reference: