Display and Search Sequences

The Contact Management program is a browse based program that allows you to display and locate the Customer Contacts in your system using any of several different display and search sequences. A different system parameter file is used for each display sequence to allow you to display different data fields from the Contact record based on the display sequence being used. Each of these parameter or browse par files can be customized as required, but the first field in each par file is normally set to the primary field used by that display sequence (to indicate how the records are being displayed). An option also allows you to set the default display index for the program by operator.

The display sequences that are available in the Contact Management program include.



      Contact Number




      Contact Company/Lastname/Firstname







      Web ID

Selecting the Display Sequence

You may select the display and search sequence to be used by the Contact Management program using one of the following two methods.

      You may use the Sort Button on the Cove Standard Toolbar to display and select from the options listed on the Sort menu.

      You may click on one of the column headers displayed in the program this action will also display the sort menu and you may select the desired display sequence from the options listed on the Sort menu.

Setting the Default Display Sequence

You may set the default display sequence to be used by the Contact Management Program when you activate it (for your user id), by pressing the Sort Button on the Cove Standard Toolbar or by clicking one of the column headers in the program. Both of these actions will display the sort menu. Once the Sort menu is displayed, you should confirm that you have selected the index that you wish to use as the default index for the program (or select it if it is not already selected).

You may then make the current index your default index by selecting the Use as Default Index option.


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