Division Manager

The Division Manager is used to set up and to maintain the records in the Division file.  The records in the Division file define the valid divisions that can be used for accounting and transaction processing in the system.  The information in each Division record is also used by the system during label and forms printing.

Please note:  The divisions which can be used for processing accounting transactions in the system can be different than the divisions that can be used for other types of transaction processing (sales orders and invoices).  The divisions that can be used for accounting purposes are defined both by the valid divisions that have been set up on your system and by the account period records that have been created for each account in the general ledger.  The system will not allow you to post to an account unless the account has account period records set up for it in the division, department, year, and period that is being posted to.  The divisions that can be used for sales order and other processing are based only on the divisions that have been entered into the division table.  This flexibility allows the system to handle more complex situations such as centralized warehousing, where sales orders are processed for another company from your inventory, but the sales are not posted to the GL.  In most situations, the divisions that are set up on the system are used for transaction processing and for posting to the GL.


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