Editing a Catalog Record

The following steps are performed by the StreamV system when a Catalog record is edited, and inventory items exist for the catalog item.

1.   As the Catalog record is modified and saved, the system checks to see which fields in the Catalog record have been changed.  The system also checks to see if the fields that were modified also exist (have the same name) in the Inventory Master file.

2.   The system then checks the System Control Record F240:SCR:INVENTRY:CIN in the Textdata file.  This record contains a list of the fields that should NOT be normalized or copied to the Inventory records for a given Catalog Item when the catalog record is updated. and this system control file can be edited by the Sysop.  The standard format for this file and the list of fields that are not normalized are listed in a following section of this document.


Editing an Inventory Record