Editing an Inventory Record

No normalization processing is performed when an Inventory Item is edited in one location and the same item exists in other Inventory Locations.  

Note: As of 08/05/04 the Inventory Master program in Character (fv070s03) is obsolete.  All functions from the Character program are now available in the VDF Catalog and Inventory Manager programs.  The Inventory Master Overlay (fv070m21) is still available in the Character mode system and can be accessed from the Catalog Master program.  The Inventory Normalization code was also modified at this time.  The current normalization logic is to normalize when creating Inventory records from Catalog records, and to normalize when editing a Catalog record and Inventory items exist for the Catalog record.  The system no longer performs any normalization when an Inventory Item record is edited (it does not update the inventory items in other locations when one Inventory Item record is edited).  The current logic is that fields that are synchronized from the Catalog record are common to all warehouse locations and fields that are not synchronized or normalized from the Catalog record are specific to each warehouse location.  The par files used for Inventory normalization in the older character code (fv070m02 (create), fv070p21 (edit) are no longer used by character or the VDF versions of the system.


Normalization - System Control Record Format