Editing an Inventory Record

As mentioned earlier in this document, the Inventory Normalization process uses a system control record that is located in the Textdata file. This Textdata record determines which fields in each inventory record should be synchronized with the corresponding fields in the associated catalog record when the Catalog record is updated.

Since this control record controls how fields are automatically updated in the inventory file, the program that should be used (Catalog or Inventory Manager) to update each field in an inventory item depends on how the normalization system control records have been set up on your system. 

In general, the fields that are normalized from the Catalog to the Inventory file should be edited in the Catalog Manager.  Fields that are warehouse specific or not normalized from the Catalog file, should be updated using the Inventory Manager program.

If a field is normalized from Catalog to Inventory (meaning the same field exists in both database files, and the field is not included in the SCR INVENTRY CIN control record), the contents of the field will be copied from the Catalog to the Inventory record when the field in the Catalog file is modified.

If the field is not normalized (meaning the field does not exist in the Catalog file, or it is specified in the System Control record), the system will not update the inventory items when the field is edited in the associated catalog record.


Automatic Inventory Item Creation