Automatic Inventory Item Creation

As new Catalog records are created on the system, the system can be configured to automatically create inventory items in a set of pre-defined inventory locations.  When this option is used, the same catalog to inventory normalization logic that was discussed earlier in this document is used to load the fields that are common in the two files.  The auto create option merely automates the creation of the items so that you do not have to manually create them using the Create Item in Inventory option that is available in the Catalog Manager program.

Technical Notes

The system uses a parameter and a system control file record to determine whether inventory records should be automatically created for new catalog records.  The 248 parameter CATAUTCR is used to determine if the Catalog program should automatically create inventory items for each new catalog record.  If the parameter is set to Y, the system creates inventory items automatically.  If the parameter is set to N, the system will not create inventory items automatically.

A System Control record in the Textdata file is used to store the inventory locations that inventory items should be created in automatically as new catalog records are saved.  This Textdata record is used by the system when the CATAUTCR parameter is set to Y.

The format of the system control record is shown below.

Textdata Type Field <SCR>

Textdata Code Field <INVENTRY>

Textdata Ident Field <ACR>

Textdata Comment Field  The text or comment field of the system control record should contain the warehouse locations that inventory items should be created in for each new catalog item.  Each warehouse location should be entered on a separate line in the comment field and be followed by a carriage return.  The Inventory Locations listed in the system control record should already be set up in the department table that is used by the system to control the valid inventory locations.


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