Editing a Serial Master Record

 Operators who have been granted the appropriate rights may edit existing serialized inventory records.  Generally, the system will update serialized inventory records as each serialized item is received, sold, returned, transferred, etc.  There are some situations, however where it is necessary to manually update Serial Master records.  Examples might include updating the information about the location of an item or correcting an error.  To edit a Serial Master record, the operator should follow the steps outlined below.

Select the Serial Master screen from the menu. Locate the record to be edited and then select it with the light bar. 

Once the correct record is selected, press the F3 key.  The system will display the Serial Master Information window. 

Once the Serial Master Information window is displayed, the operator edits the appropriate information and presses the SAVE key to save the changes.  Note: The system will create a Serial History record when the information associated with a Serial Master record (owner, location, vendor, sold to, item number, or serial number) is manually edited by the operator.  The system will also create a Serial History record when a Serial Master record is manually created by the operator.


Creating a Serial Master Record