Serialized Inventory Procedures

The following sections describe how to set up serialized inventory items and how to process serialized inventory transactions. 

This procedures guide is provided as a quick reference and it does not describe all of the features of each of the programs involved.  For more detailed information about the individual programs mentioned below please refer to the Program Reference section of the Serialized Inventory documentation.

This section explains the procedures to be followed when setting up new serialized items, and it also describes how to receive, transfer, and invoice serialized items.  This section also discusses the steps involved in correcting any mistakes which are made during the processing of serialized inventory items.  The procedures listed in this section are performed on a daily basis or as required.  These procedures should not be performed until after the Serialized Inventory programs have been installed and the system has been properly configured as detailed in the Serialized Inventory Configuration Manual.


Creating a Serialized Item

Viewing Serialized Inventory Items

Receiving Serialized Inventory Items

Transferring Serialized Inventory Items

Invoicing Serialized Inventory Items

Re-serializing an Invoice

Editing a Serial Master Record

Creating a Serial Master Record

Deleting a Serial Master Record

Editing a Serial History Record

Creating a Serial History Record

Deleting a Serial History Record