End of Day Procedures

These procedures are performed at the end of each day or as required.  These Order Fulfillment procedures allow you to make sure that all order that were printed during the day have either been completed or reset.

      Finish invoicing the shipments for the day and verify that the shipping manifests and invoice copies have been processed for all shipments made during the current day.

      Reset any printed picklists for orders that will not be invoiced by the end of the day.  The StreamV System will normally try to allocate to any sales orders (shippers or normal orders) that are waiting for additional product when the product becomes available.  However, the system does not allocate to any order that is printed.  Therefore, it is a good idea to reset any printed picklists at the end of the day.

      Check for any other printed orders that have not been reset (i.e. missing picklists).  If all picklists in the system have been reset, you should not have any open Pick records in the Pick File.  If you see any open Pick records and do not have any printed picklists, you should determine which orders the picks are open for and correct the situation as required  You may also run a open order report (selecting printed order lines, to see details on any orders printed but not invoiced..


Order Fulfillment Reference Information