Resetting a Picklist

This procedure is used to reset a printed picklist so that the sales order can be modified (edited) or so that the system can allocate any additional available inventory to the order (if it is not yet complete).  This procedure also allows you to place a warehouse hold on the sales order to prevent another picklist for the order from being generated until the hold has been released (this is done if you need to modify the order and do not wish the warehouse to print and ship it until you are done with the modifications and have released the hold).  To reset a printed picklist you should perform the following steps.

•      Determine the sales order and ticket number that needs to be reset.  This is normally done by examining the pick ticket which lists the order number and unique ticket number that was assigned to the document.  If you need to reset a picklist that is printed and you do not know the ticket number for the pick, you can determine this by looking in the detail for the sales order itself (each sales order line item contains a printed flag and a ticket number – if the order line is open and contains a Y in the printed flag, the ticket number field in the line will contain the current pick ticket that is printed for the line item

•      Select the Reset Picklist Program from the Order Fulfillment Operations Menu.

•      Enter the sales order number and the ticket number for the pick ticket to be reset.  You should enter the order number then a dash “-“ and then the ticket number into the Order# prompt that is displayed in the Reset Picklist program.  The system will then verify that the order/pick combination is valid (the order indicates it is printed and the pick records are open and not already closed or reset), and it will display information from the selected sales order in the program.

•      Determine if you would like to put a warehouse hold (type W) on the sales order.  If you are resetting a pick due to the fact that the order needs to be modified, the warehouse hold option allows you to prevent the order from being re-printed prior to the required edit.  If a warehouse hold is put on the order when it is reset, and the hold is released only after the order has been modified (normally by the sales person that modifies the order), the order will not be re-printed in the warehouse until the salesman has determined the changes have been made.  If the pick is being reset by the warehouse due to it being the end of the day (so the system can allocate any additional required inventory to the sales order), you would normally not add a hold to the order.  This allows the order to be re-printed the next day by the warehouse.  If you wish to place a warehouse hold on the sales order, you should check the box labeled “Put Order on Warehouse Hold”.  If you do not wish to put a warehouse hold on the order, you should leave the check box blank.

•      Select the Reset Option (press the button) to reset the pick.  At this point the system.

•      Sets the printed flag in the printed sales order lines back to N, and updates the sales order header printed flag to N.

•      Closes the pick records that were created for the shipment.

•      Reduces the committed quantity in the appropriate bins based on the pick records being reset (the bins that the items were to be pulled from).

•      Optionally places a W or warehouse hold on the order based on whether you selected this option.


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