Expand - AP Journal Entry Lookup. 

The AP Journal Entry Lookup displays the journal entry activity that is associated with the selected accounts payable invoice.   Journal Entries are created for each active status accounts payable invoice when it is first entered into the system and any time that the balance of the invoice is modified due to invoice assignment, payment processing or due to applying invoices against each other.  The Journal Entries displayed by the AP Journal Entry Lookup program include all of the journal entry lines which were created when the invoice was first posted to the system, and any journal entry lines from other transactions that are associated specifically with the invoice (i.e. payment, adjustment, assignment transactions).

Additional information about each journal entry displayed by the program can be accessed by highlighting the journal entry and using the Zoom and Expand Options.  When the Expand Option is selected, the system displays the entire journal entry (all lines) associated with the selected journal entry line.   The Zoom Option will cause the system to display the detailed information for the selected journal entry line.


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