Expand Bin Lookup

When a valid Inventory Item is selected in the Inventory Management program and the Expand option is selected, the system activates the Bin Lookup program and it loads the program with a list of the bins for the item in the current inventory location.  The Bin Lookup program displays the bin locations in which the selected Inventory Item is located in the selected inventory location and the quantities for the item in each of the bins.

The Bin Lookup program also allows you to

      View and edit the displayed bins.  The Zoom option allows you to access the Bin Detail panel which allows you to edit some fields in the bin record.

      View the Warehouse Transactions or Bin Activity associated with each of the displayed bin locations.

      View the Open Pick records associated with each of the displayed bin locations.  Pick records are used to reserve bin quantities when Pull and Picktickets are generated for shop and sales orders, and the committed quantity in each bin record should match the open pick quantity for each bin

The Bin Lookup program is described in more detail in another section of this document.  You may access more information about the Bin Lookup program by activating the program and using the Help key to display the main help documentation for the program.


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