Zoom Inventory Detail

When a valid Inventory Item is selected in the Inventory Management program and the Zoom option is selected, the system activates the Inventory Detail program and it loads the program with the information for the selected inventory item.  The Inventory Detail program displays the information for the item that is stored in the Inventory Master file.  This information includes item quantity, pricing, cost, and other information.  Some of the information that is stored in each inventory record is actually copied into the record based on the Catalog informaton for the item (such as the item description, pricing and other classification fields), and some of the information in the Inventory record is actually maintained in the Inventory record (such as the default bin for the item, the reorder point, reorder quantity and po lead days that are used for the item)

Your ability to edit the information in each Inventory record is restricted based on your field security settings and based on the Inventory Normalization logic that is being used on your system (the Inventory Detail program automatically blocks you from editing fields in the Inventory record that should be maintained in the Catalog record and vice versa).  Inventory Normalization is discussed in detail in the documentation for the Product Management (PM) system.

You may access more information about the Inventory Detail program by following the below link or by activating the program and using the Help key to display the main help documentation for the program.

Inventory Detail


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