Expand Invoice Lines Lookup

When an Invoice is selected in the AR Invoice Lookup program and the Expand option is selected, the system activates the Invoice Lines Lookup and it loads the Lookup with the invoice line items for the invoice.

The Invoice Lines Lookup allows you to view all of the invoice lines for a single invoice and it also allows you to.

      Access the Invoice Line Detail Panel which displays extensive information about the selected invoice line.

      View the Serial Number information (if any) that is associated with the invoice lines displayed in the program.

      View or edit the Images associated with the selected invoice line item.

      View or edit the Invoice Comment records associated with the selected invoice line item or the associated invoice header.

      Create a new comment for the selected invoice line or the associated invoice header.

      Associate a new image record with the selected invoice line item.

      Access the File and Field help information that is stored in the Data Dictionary file.  The File and Field Help option that is available using the Column Help option allows you to display the database definitions for all of the Files and Fields which are displayed in the Lookup program

Please Note:  The Invoice Lines Lookup program is completely described in another section of this document.  You may obtain more information about the program by activating it and using the Help key to display the main help documentation for the program.


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