AR Invoice Lookup

The AR Invoice Lookup program displays all accounts receivable invoice records that have been created on your system. 

The AR Invoice Lookup program also allows you to display the invoices in your system (and search for a specific invoice) using any of the several different search and display sequences that are available in the program.  Once you have located an invoice record, the AR Invoice Lookup program allows you to;

      View detailed Invoice Header information.  This information includes the invoice type, terms, shipping address and amounts, and other information that applies to the entire invoice.

      View the line item information for the invoice, such as the items and quantities billed to the customer, the price used for each invoice line and the item descriptions, any purchase orders associated with the item, and any serial numbers associated with each invoice line. 

      View the Manifest records or Shipping information that has been stored on the system for the invoice.

      Access any comment information or image information that has been created for the invoice.

      View the Payment History for the selected invoice.  The Invoice Activity Lookup allows you to view the general ledger activity for the invoice.  This activity includes any payment or adjustment activity and sales posting activity (if you are posting invoices online).

      View any RA or Credit Memo records that have been created for the invoice.

      View the Inventory Activity associated with the Invoice.

      Cancel or Credit the selected invoice.

      Generate an RA for the selected invoice.

      Create a Credit Request for the selected invoice.


Display and Search Sequences

Zoom - Invoice Header Detail Panel

Expand - Invoice Lines Lookup

View Company Detail

Shipping Information

Payment Activity

Inventory Activity

Credit Memos against this Invoice

RA History

Cancel Invoice

Credit Invoice

Move Invoice to Pending

View Original Invoice

Create Incident

View Incidents for Invoice

Create Return Authorization

Credit Requests for this Invoice

AIC Comment

Bill of Lading Comment

Issue Refund Check

All Credit Requests

View Bill of Lading

Write Shipment Info to Clipboard