Extended Detail

When the Maintain Extended Detail option is selected from the More Options menu, the system executes the Extended Item Detail Lookup program and it loads the program with the Extended Item Detail or “EID” records that have been created for the selected customer. Extended Item Detail information is data about the customer that is stored in a separate data file.  Extended Item Detail records are used by custom code, or by specific processes that require customer data that is not maintained in the Company Master file itself. 

Since the Extended detail records are used for various purposes, they are not described in detail here.  Extended Item Detail or EID records should be set up only as directed by your system adminstrator or Cove personnel as they are used for very specialized system features.

The Extended Item Detail Lookup program is used to view and maintain the customer specific “EID” information.  Once the program is displayed, you may view detailed information about a specific EDI record using the ZOOM option.  You may also add a new EDI record for the selected customer using the INSERT option, or delete an existing “EID” record for the selected customer using the DELETE option.


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