Fast Clear Button

The Fast Clear Button allows you to quickly zero out the Keyword and the Wordlist files prior to rebuilding the information in the files.  This option will speed up the rebuild process considerably, but it can only be used when you are the only operator in the system (the files must be available and not opened by any other operators in order to use this option).

If the option is available and you select the Fast Clear option, the program will zero out both the Wordlist and the Keyword files and it will redraw the information displayed in the main section of  the program.

If there are any other operators who have the Keyword and Wordlist files open when you press the Fast Clear Button, you will receive File access violation errors, and the program will not zero out the data in the files.

Please note that the Fast Clear option only zeros out the information in the keyword data files and you must use the Clear and Reload button to actually rebuild the information in the files.


Clear and Reload Button