Find an Invoice Button

The Find an Invoice Button allows you to

      Load the Cash Application program based on one of the invoices being paid by the customer.   This option can be used to quickly load both the Customer information (Account, Name) and the Distribution section (invoice being paid) of the Cash Application program at the same time. 

      Load an invoice from a customer other than the customer selected in the Header section of the Cash Application program, so that the invoice can be paid with the check being processed.  This option is used when you are applying payments from Parent or Finance Companies that need to be applied to invoices for more than one customer (see the discussion on Parent and Finance Company Payment Processing in the AR Overview for more information about this option).

When the Find an Invoice Button is pressed, the system activates the Invoices Selection list and it loads the list with all of the open accounts receivable invoices in the system.  The Invoices


Find Invoice for Customer Button